Saturday, 13 September 2014

Centre prepares concept note on smart cities.

Reference :  Live Mint & The Wall Street Journal
Centre prepares concept note on smart cities.

The new initiative of the new government of 100 smart cities is a smart move to create opportunities for city governments to scale up basic infrastructure.  For once the definition of smart cities is becoming clear and a city that provides efficient basic services such as water, sanitation, roads, and citizen services is considered smart. The mix of cities is also interesting, as it prioritizes state capitals, followed by 2 tier cities and tourist cities.

To a large extent, it sounds like the JnNURM redefined. The goal of improving city governance, infrastructure development all seem to be on the same lines, however without looking at the drafted concept notes, one can only speculate. While the definition of smart cities is emerging,  the definition of smartness of the implementation instruments and infrastructure remains unclear. Though the current government may not want to acknowledge the work done under JnNURM, hopefully the learning from those are considered for the smart city plans,  failing which we will only be forced to accept what is done as another initiative producing piecemeal solutions which sound great for current conditions, but do not account for the futuristic needs of the city.

-- By Vinodkumar Rao

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