Wednesday, 10 July 2013


A three day meeting was held in Bangalore in which 14 cities participated from Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Andhra Pradesh.The meeting started with leaders introducing their cities and the work that’s being done in their respective cities. Thomas, federation leader from Bangalore explained the concept and function of NSDF, SPARC, and Mahila Milan to the new emerging cities interested in starting federations.

During the three day meeting the discussions were around:
  1. How each city would report their plans for the next six months.
  2. Challenges faced at the city and settlement level. 
  3. Savings, sanitation, and housing issues were discussed.

 The community toilets give family passes to its older member while the new families have to pay Rs 2 per use - the federation wants to extend the family passes to the new families also.

Field Visit:
Leaders visited settlements where housing and sanitation projects were being implemented to understand how this could be replicated in their own cities.
Committee formation:
  • A state supervising committee was formed.
  • City wise observation committee was formed.
  • Action plan for the next six months prepared.
  • As a result of this exchange and meeting, the Andhra Pradesh federation has been restructured and a district level committee has been formed in four districts.
  • 8,000 families in Bangalore will conduct Basic Socio Economic Survey (BSES).
  • In Mysore, the Karnataka Slum Board to conduct in the first phase Total Station Survey (TSS) and in the second phase, to conduct BSES
Follow up planned:
  • Routine reporting on a quarterly basis on plans made.
  • More emphasis on completing slum profiles.
  • Discussions with municipalities essential.